Real Mom Sh!t – Skincare Edition

Meet Meagan. meg

This new mom is the definition of “keeping it real”. In her regular life (while not on maternity leave or teaching spin classes), she works in the fascinating world of medical aesthetics. She’s shared some tips and tricks with me on what I can add to my skincare routine since having kids and now she’s here to share some more great tidbits with all of you. Who wants to know about methods other than Botox to get rid of those extra special wrinkles? If you have more questions after reading the below, definitely feel free to reach out to her via Instagram (she’s tagged in my post). 

Your baby is almost 11 months now, how has the adjustment been to “new mom life”?  

Besides going from being a dolled up, money making, medical aesthetic sales rep to a puked and shit on, overtired, broke, shell of who I was, it’s outstanding! Haha kiddddding….overall it’s been amazing, not a walk in the park by any stretch but the love is so so real.  For some reason, gushing about how happy your child makes you isn’t what the people want to hear.  

I’m going to start this skincare discussion off on the right foot here… B-O-T-O-X. What’s your stance on treatments like Botox and filler?  

Ok I feel like I need to preface this with the admission that I do NOT have perfect skin….but it is leaps and bounds beyond what it used to be before I started “caring” for it.  Still working on some damage from many naively spent Hawaiian vacations oiled up from literally head to toe.  

Now let’s get to it… I am all for whatever makes people feel most confident!  That being said, as someone who has done Botox (no filler so far) and opted for alternatives to injections, I have some other preferred methods of staying youthful looking.  Botox is a neurotoxin that is NOT produced naturally by the body; hyaluronic acid (filler) however, is.  For some reason, in my mind, it seems less scary to inject something that is naturally produced, so I’m not against filler, I’ve just personally chosen not to go down that “hole” (trust me – it can get addictive; I’ve seen it taken too far A LOT).  If you can resist the urge to over inject your face, filler can be a wonderfully subtle means of adding volume and hydration to the face without people noticing.  The trick here is the right injector, so if you’re keen on getting filler, you’re welcome to DM me and I can let you know the top injectors in the city IMO. 

Is there another way to get the same results that doesn’t require injections?

I mean…let’s be honest here – results from Botox and filler are pretty unbeatable, but there are absolutely other ways of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Enter holy grail treatment – micro-needling!  I love this treatment to target lines and stimulate collagen production.  It has minimal downtime (a couple of days at most and you can cover up any redness with makeup), nothing is injected into the face, and it’s extremely effective, provided you do multiple treatments at the recommended intervals.  It can also improve skin texture, acne scarring and sun damage.  

As for daily topical products to improve fine lines, texture and acne – the holy grail of skincare is retinol.  Retinol is like the queen of anti-aging products.  If you prefer a more natural alternative to retinol, try bakuchiol.  One last product that has dramatically improved lines and given added hydration in my skin is a topical Hyaluronic acid.  I use Skinmedica HA5.  

One thing I will say is do not skimp on skincare!  It is not all created equal so if you can afford to (warning: there’s a cost to young and beautiful skin) always opt for medical grade products.  Keep in mind that everyone’s skin will require and prefer different brands and products, so you may want to consider seeing a medical aesthetician for a comprehensive consult to address your individual concerns.  

Most new moms complain about their skin and hair after having a baby (I know I did). Some suffer from that awesome “pregnancy mask” called melasma. Do you have any tips or tricks for us?

YES!  I got some melasma during pregnancy and have since dramatically improved the appearance of it with a hydroquinone cream.  If you’re nursing you’ll have to wait until you’re finished, but this stuff works.  If you’re open to a laser treatment with a specific melasma setting, they can work much better and faster than a cream, but be prepared for some downtime.  You may hear that you should never treat melasma with a laser because heat can cause it to worsen, but there are new lasers with specific settings for melasma that are completely safe and effective (ex: Halo resurfacing laser).  

My skin was extremely dry after having my first child. It seemed like no cream or product was moisturizing enough for me. Do you have any advice for other women suffering from the same thing?  

Haha we even give our babies our hydration! 

Absolutely.  Again I’ll introduce a topical hyaluronic acid to the conversation, as well as a rich, creamy moisturizer every night.  Always use moisturizer after applying your treatment products to lock them in; a lighter consistency during the day and summer months, and something heavier for night and winter.  My favourite heavy moisturizer is Skinmedica Dermal Repair Cream.  And this is obvious, nobody wants to hear it and it is unrelated to skincare, but hydrate hydrate hydrate.  It’s by far the best way to restore moisture in your skin 🙂  oh and take your Omegas!  

What are your top 3-5 skincare products you suggest others to use and what do they do? 

Let’s go for the big 5 because I almost feel like if you’re committing to skin health, these are all equally important.  

1. Retinol – Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne, basically cooks you dinner it’s so versatile

2. Hyaluronic acid – Restores moisture in the skin, has plumping effect, maintains skin elasticity

3. SPF – If you don’t know what sunscreen does for you, I cannot help you ;). No, but seriously, if I had to pick one it would be this!  Wear your sunscreen rain or shine people…..nothing can fix a lifetime of no sun protection!

4. Antioxidant – Vitamin C serum to combat free radical damage from our environment

5. Growth factor – To stimulate cell turnover and regrowth of new cells keeping skin looking young and plump 

If you could suggest one thing for new moms or women in general to start adding to their skincare regime, what would it be?  

Probably retinol if you aren’t already using it.  Your GP can even prescribe this product for you and if you have extended healthcare benefits, it’s often covered!  

Can you give us an idea of some of the products you currently use? Or some of your favourite products?

You bet! But I will add that this is a full on regime I’m doing and a simpler version can obtain similar results 🙂 

My favourite product lines are:

  • Skinmedica
  • ZO
  • IS clinical
  • Some of the Skinceuticals products
  • Augustinus Badar (mostly the rich cream)

My current regimen includes the following products, and it’s worked wonders for me:

MORNING – cleanse + tone (obsessed with ZO exfoliating polish for exfoliating, and AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser from Skinmedica or IS clinical daily cleanser) 

1. TNS essential serum from Skinmedica – this is a two in one growth factor and vitamin C serum 

2. AHA/BHA cream from Skinmedica to brighten and lift and sun damage or hyperpigmentation 

3. Hydroquinone cream from ZO (called melanin/melamix combo) 

4. HA5 from Skinmedica for hydration

5. ZO daily moisturizer 

6. SPF – 30 or higher, I prefer a physical sunblock to a chemical one.  I use Skinmedica daily defence 

NIGHT – cleanse + tone

1. TNS essential serum

2. HA5

3. Retinol – I use Skinmedica or prescribed from doctor, whatever I have

4. TNS eye cream from Skinmedica 

5. Moisturizer – I use Skinmedica dermal repair cream because it’s heavier for overnight 

You can find any of the products mentioned above at your local medical spa. 

Ok, I think that’s it. I could talk about skincare all day but hopefully you found this informative and helpful. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a note!