About Me

Hi everyone! 

I thought I would give a bit of a background on me, how I got here and who I am. For starters, I have never written a blog before but thought I should find a new hobby while on maternity leave, so here I am!

My name is Allison and I am a 33-year-old mom of three, which still feels weird to say. I have a two-year old daughter and boy/girl 8-month old twins.  Yep, we are that crazy family you may have seen carting around a bus-like stroller who had three kids in under two years with a giant golden retriever alongside. You could say that we have a lot of poop in our lives these days with three kids in diapers and a dog…and a husband.

Most of my interests and hobbies have taken a pause these days, which is why you are reading this as I decided to take up a new hobby and start this blog (like I mentioned above). It pairs very well with a big interest of mine that is actually very do-able with three kids: wine consumption and sitting on my couch in silence after the kids finally go to bed.

When I’m not on maternity leave, I work in Investor Relations in between the daycare drop-offs and pick-ups, which should soon become rather interesting when we have three kids going to daycare. Sounds super cheap right?

To be honest, I am more nervous about coordinating the drop-offs and pick-ups when I go back to work than anything else. The morning chaos will be escalated tenfold and I may just have to get really good at putting on makeup and clothes in the car en route to work.

Thankfully, I have a very hands-on husband who I couldn’t do this whole parenting thing without. He is a contractor, which gives him some flexibility in terms of the random last minute schedules that come with having children and he helps with those extra fun drop-offs and pick-ups. I do have to give him kudos as he is sometimes more of the “mom” than I am. He doesn’t flinch when I go out to a work event or girls night and he is alone with the 3 kids. When he needs to give the toddler a bath and I’m not there, he just brings the twins up in their seats and they all hang out in the bathroom together. When I’m alone with all three kids and need to give the toddler a bath, I sit there anxiously thinking how I’m going to do this for a solid 15-20 minutes and then will most likely not bathe her because the time has passed and it’s now bedtime so I need to think about coordinating that part of the night (cue another 15-20 minute brainstorm session). Being thankful for a hands-on husband seems somewhat silly as it should be the norm… after all, we both decided to have kids together and both work full time so the co-parenting department tends to be a well-oiled machine for everyone to remain sane, but he does make parenting and “mom-ing” a lot easier being so hands-on.

As you can see, I just went off topic a bit but that should give you even more insight into who I am…I am tired. Very very tired.

Accurate sayings

“Some days, my kids can do no wrong. Other days, I understand why some animals eat their young.”

“Being a parent is like folding a fitted sheet.”

“I thought I would be a patient parent until I watched my toddler try and zip up her own jacket.”