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What to Expect When Expecting… a C-Section

I have a friend who has been asking me questions about what happens during a c-section and I’ve realized from these questions that women need to know the full details on what to expect, ahead of their surgery. It can be a scary thing to think about or even scarier thing to google as you…

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Those Moments You Dislike Your Children

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. If you’ve never had these thoughts run through your head then holy shit balls you must be a very calm, yoda-ish type of person. Or, you’ve never experienced several small children just screaming and whining non-stop for a solid 30 minutes while you’re trying to accomplish any task…

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Real Mom Sh!t – Skincare Edition

Meet Meagan. This new mom is the definition of “keeping it real”. In her regular life (while not on maternity leave or teaching spin classes), she works in the fascinating world of medical aesthetics. She’s shared some tips and tricks with me on what I can add to my skincare routine since having kids and now she’s…

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