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10 Inspiring Black Moms to Follow on Instagram

Like most people over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on diversifying my Instagram feed and finding new ways to bring this into our home to educate our children. In doing so, I thought I’d share 10 mom bloggers whose feeds are not only inspiring but also enlightening and informative. Have a look below: […]

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Real Mom Sh!t (Disclosed)

#RealMomSh!t: As most of us know, quarantine is quite brutal with little kids. They don’t understand it, it’s impossible to be stuck inside with toddlers, they need to be watched ALL the time and it’s just not a great experience for the most part. You’d think it must be so much easier with older kids, […]

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Confessions of a Twin Mom

Having twins really escalates things. With our firstborn, everything was pretty smooth sailing for the most part. Sure, we had some frustrating moments and hard days in there but overall, it seemed to go fairly well. Then, two more babies came along and I can definitely say that becoming a twin mom has brought a new set […]

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