Before diving into my posts, I would highly recommend reading the below to make sure you know what sort of content to expect in the future:

  • I am not a doctor so please talk to one if you are needing medical advice. This whole site is based 100% on my opinion and my views are not necessarily the right views. Take it all with a grain of salt please.

  • I can be inappropriate most of the time and you will likely disagree with things I say. Feel free to drag your mouse up to the top right hand corner (or top left if using a mac) of your screen and click the tiny “x” if I have offended you.

  • I am a mom who reads minimal google forums on how to parent and tend to go with my gut on things, which means I may make mistakes along the way. I am no expert in this parenting stuff and you should all do what works for you in all aspects of parenting.

  • I tend to generalize and may talk about controversial issues in parenting or other related topics. This blog is not intended to make anyone feel bad about how they do the parenting thing. You do you. Whatever works. I am just talking out loud and voicing opinions on many different subjects. It doesn’t mean that I only see that view but will sometimes play devils advocate.

  • I am in no way a professional writer and tend to use language that isn’t the most politically correct or I may not use the appropriate punctuation at all times. I am also a big fan of “swear words” here and there because they feel damn good to say sometimes and really tend to accentuate my messaging.

  • I love my kids and my family. They are the most important thing in my life and even though I sometimes make comments about how crappy certain situations are, how annoying one of them may be, or how parenting can be brutal, it doesn’t mean I am an unfit parent or that I don’t like my life or kids. It means I am honest and say things that most of us think but are too afraid to say out loud in case it offends someone or gets us into trouble somehow or better yet, shamed in one of those crazy mom groups.

  • Sometimes I think I’m funny. You may not agree.

  • I hope you all enjoy reading! (Cue awkward grinding teeth emoji)